UK trip and NSERC DG

26 10 2015

Just packing for my flight home tomorrow, after 9 days in the UK. So many aspects of this trip were nice: catching up with Carole in her lovely Bristol flat, and meeting the cute (if badly named) “Face de Galette” for the first time; spending days with Mike and Liz, Mike and I finally feeling some flickers of optimism about the book we’ve been failing to write for years; going to the pub with Christine as she waited for her first grandchild to be born (also to learn that her radio show on sentience is, in fact, a comedy…); having a wonderful 5 hour lunch at Murano with family, a treat hosted by my dad to celebrate his 70th birthday; and then finally getting my NSERC DG in (woo hoo!).Screenshot 2015-10-26 15.27.12

But I was tired and homesick… the first half of the trip I had a gnawingly painful back (and a really heavy suitcase full of paper and books), the second half, a stinking cold; and 5 beds in 9 nights is just too many for this weary old person. Plus I miss Sylvie. Looking forward to spending Wednesday in MY bed … with a Margaret Atwood and at least one purring cat.