Perfect start to the holiday break

24 12 2015

Thanks and congrats to Maria, Danielle, Jeanette and everyone else involved. Happy christmas!

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‘Ethics of killing’ in the Kitty Cafe

24 12 2015

Left to right: Mike, where Maria was before she had to go, Andrea, Walter (never caught smiling on camera, never), and Misha.

We’re in Guelph’s new cat cafe, and we’ve been wrestling with the fourth chapter of ‘The Ethics of Killing Animals‘, our new book now we’re done with logic and stats (which I’m way behind writing up). It’s hard stuff, but immensely enjoyable as a result (will write some up once more fully digested).

Kitty cafe

Another big company goes ‘cage free’

24 12 2015

Full story here. If only it was always as good for welfare as it sounds.

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If you’re planning on salmon this holiday season…

16 12 2015

.. it’ll taste better if it was humanely killed. Click here for the paper, here and here for news coverage.

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Would you eat an alien? II

11 12 2015

OK I’m in the second one! Not the third or fourth but I still can’t wait to hear them. When Christine told me of this weird idea, I wasn’t sure it’d work, but it has!

Rapid increases in immature synapses parallel estrogen-induced hippocampal learning enhancements

11 12 2015

Also from Elena this morning: yet another reason to dread the menopause, but a superb-looking new paper from her lab, published in PNAS today.

Anarchy in the UK

11 12 2015

From Elena



Video patchwork

9 12 2015

This is what Misha‘s watching right now. It takes him three hours per day to turn the 13 hours of video per pen into data (which birds are doing what where). IMG_2432

Could you eat an alien?

9 12 2015

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The new Radio 4 mini-series written by Christine Nicol and some of the team behind the Now Show is out today.

Like everyone interviewed for this, I got quizzed by Christine for a full and intense hour, so I’m sad that only a couple of minutes made it in. But that’s show business I guess, and the resulting programme is good.

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9 12 2015

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