Fur auction

4 02 2016

Two carloads of us from Guelph went to the fur auction yesterday, and Don Boyd and Marianne Patten gave us a great behind-the-scenes tour.  It was fascinating (if sad, to me) to see some of the new automatization, with machines now scanning fur for fine colour variations instead of people with incredibly highly trained eyes. There is also now wonderful Chinese food on offer (tea-soaked eggs: mmmm…) because China now so firmly drives the market.

The below are not fine colour variations, in case you thought I was losing it, but brightly dyed mink pelts on display by a tanner: surprisingly beautiful. As ever the whole experience involved a strange mix of finding some pelts almost seductively gorgeous, but the scale of the enterprise overwhelming, especially of the wild fur. Rows and rows of lynx pelts just make me sad, and as for rugs made of bears: who could possibly want them?

Best coloured fur pic