3MT competition: a great morning, despite not winning

15 04 2016

Peter‘s performance (see below) was great yesterday, but sadly he did not win the provincial rounds.

On the drive there, we all expressed confidence that Peter would be placed (we being Wendy McGrattan, the graduate secretary, my student Andrea, and Kees‘ student Adam). By three or four presentations in, however, that confidence was evaporating. The very first talk, on creating and using craft objects in political campaigns (who knew that was even a thing?!) was stunning, and the incredibly high standard  just carried on from there.  Wit, emotion, scholarly content, body language, verbal panache and a good slide — at least half the competitors (Peter included, of course) hit each and every nail perfectly on the head. The intellectual diversity was fascinating too. (There are PhDs in social work? I felt so ignorant not knowing that!). It was just a really great morning.


Who won? Won won! The winner was Waterloo’s candidate, Gah-Jone Won, a highlight of whose superb presentation was a brilliant, comic-strip-like slide that conveyed, simply and clearly, the complexity and cleverness of using immune-targetted drugs to tackle ocular lens stiffening.