An afternoon of budgeting

18 04 2016

I heard about my NSERC Discovery Grant last week, and was disappointed. I got $47K a year for 5 years: very respectable (my degree of upset is definitely a First World Problem). But this is a 10% cut for me, and I was expecting a raise: I put in a way better package than last time (not least as I went to every single seminar and read every single online guide on how to do well).

My competitive side would be totally mollified if I found out everyone else got a 10% cut too (shameful but true); but the part of me that had been fantasizing about my lab as a $$$$ land of milk and honey would still be sad. (E.g. I had daydreamed that I could pay Carole to develop a mouse CB task for me while staying in Bristol: win-win! That, and many other brilliant but now foolish-seeming ideas, *pouf*, must now vanish).

BudgetingI could not work for the rest of the day (too fed up), save for some intense  budgeting. All will be fine, I think: it’s barely a change, and I can still fund some great mouse research. I just need my previous fantasies to totally evaporate : (