Neuroscience Day

3 05 2016

Guelph’s Neuroscience Day is an annual highlight for me. Animal welfare research here tends to be very applied, and so it’s just refreshing to be a room full of people doing fundamental work from sheer love (and that’s even though the invasiveness sometimes upsets me, and the more molecular stuff [slides covered in strings of consonants] leaves me cold). The intellectual standard is high, and there’s always a big cheese invited speaker, but the atmosphere is also collegial and warm.

This year’s big cheese was Bruce McNaughton. I couldn’t fully take in his talk as the modelling aspects were too unfamiliar, but his review of studies recording from multiple hippocampal cells to show how experiences are effectively replayed during sleep (but at 8x normal speed…) was very cool.

On top of this, Danielle gave a well-received talk on her successful Honours project, and Maria was runner up in the poster competition!