A very short piece on Kristin Andrews

14 05 2016

IMG_1718Just catching up on backblogs to say that my Prize for the Most-valued Local Colleague goes to… well it’s hard to say with people like Sigal Balshine and David Sherry around, but philosopher Kristin Andrews is a real contender.

Here’s why. She was a brilliant examiner for Walter (tough and insightful, but forgiving); her “Animal Mind” book is great; I love her GTA cognition reading groups; this year she won a prestigious Royal Society award (pic left, from Jonathan who was there); tied with Gary Varner, she gave the best CSAW seminar last year (there were six, of which I went to four; I failed to write them up and just ain’t gonna, but see wonderful pic below of her and Alexandra fondling chickens); and at the Logical Reasoning meeting last week she wore insane animal socks from the Ghibli Museum.  It’s a tough, possibly unbeatable, combo…