Fame (maybe)

14 05 2016

Screenshot 2016-05-14 10.10.28My old friend Sean Nee has written a book, and I’m in it, cunningly disguised as Gloria who moved to Kitchener.

Slightly nervous about this. I loved this man, and a million years ago we shared adventures in Oxford: climbing from floor to floor within the hollow walls of the Zoology building, growing skunk one insane summer (lucrative but terrifying), and going to squat parties and raves on the downs. However, he is, like many addicts I suspect (but combined with a scary IQ), a challenging bugger.  Suspect I’m not going to be simply “Tyra Banks fierce” in this one. But hey, have bought it anyway. We have a posh dinner planned for when I’m at the ISAE, and he can autograph it then.