Brian Greco’s “exit seminar”

30 07 2016

Brain's thesis talk Screenshot 2016-06-27 20.47.21


If you’re interested in zoo elephants, check out this “exit seminar” (Davis students don’t have defences) in which finishing PhD student Brian Greco describes his thesis results. I was on his committee: a very nice experience.

Increasing the number of women organizing a symposium increases diversity

29 07 2016

Interesting paper in Plos One on the effects of women organising conferences (though it has the usual bland recommendation that women in particular need more childcare; last time I looked, children had fathers too).

And congratulations to me!

22 07 2016


I was given the RSPCA/British Society for Animal Science 2016 “Award for Innovative Developments in Animal Welfare” at the ISAE last week. (Note re the photo: no the BSAS rep is not standing on a step).

The BSAS’s release on it is here, and a much shorter version from UoG is here.


Congratulations to Jenna!

22 07 2016

The “giant baby” beat us to it, arriving a month early. Welcome Alice Evelyn (here being checked out by Andes and Bolivar)!


Special day

22 07 2016

It’s July 22nd.

Charles River Short Course

22 07 2016

June saw the annual chance (this year moved from Boston to gritty but picturesque Providence) to get together with Joe, ‘grand daughter’ Brianna, and Kate Pritchett-Corning

Here are the three of them doing a panel discussion, and below is Joe talking about the many, many things wrong with science.

Joe at CRL

Strange referee

22 07 2016

Jamie got a reply back from Animal Behaviour today (after we revised it in June): basically all good, save for one referee who has this vague misgiving: “as undeniably competent as the work is overall, I still feel that the authors have covered one of my eyes and that I’m not being encouraged to see something very important”.

That’s it – no more clues. We’ve had some strange referees’ comments in our time (e.g. just recently this and this), but have never had to counter a nebulous statement of distrust before. Hmmm. It did remind me we should publicly archive the data. Hoping that works (and that really, they are just envious of Jamie’s lovely results!)





Congratulations to Becky!

21 07 2016

Becky’s won a lectureship (=t to an assistant professorship) at the University of Reading!  They actually created the post for her (= amazing) after she applied for a dairy nutrition post she wasn’t quite right for, but still interviewed very well for  (a bit like what happened to Mike). She’ll be starting sometime in the autumn, focussing on dairy cow welfare.

How honeyguides and humans ‘talk’ to each other

21 07 2016

Very cool new work from Cambridge/Capetown just out in Science: