22 08 2016

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“Cold of the soul”

17 08 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.09.40 AMGood piece on the BBC magazine on depression in Japan (click here for the full radio show)

Trouble at CIHR

10 08 2016

An ugly summer for science: Turmoil rocks Canadian research community

(Glad I don’t go to them for money).

993 lemurs

10 08 2016

Emma’s suddenly already off to a good start: a chance look by me at the Duke Lemur Center website revealed they make their bodyweight data public! This yielded data from nearly 1000 individuals across 19 species in about 2 minutes: a steal!

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Emma’s recruits UK zookeepers (we hope!)

10 08 2016

Emma Mellor was approved by BIAZA to approach British keepers for data on lemur ‘plumpness’ and husbandry, and here is her recruitment piece in BIAZA News today:


Kees de Lange

6 08 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 6.57.24 PMMy colleague Kees de Lange died last week, after suffering from cancer for some time. He’d always been a great mentor of very productive grad students, but in the last year I really came to appreciate this to the full: it was so admirable the way he kept on looking after his group (and working hard for the department), even when clearly exhausted and in pain from his illness. He and I didn’t always see eye to eye on animal welfare, but over the years I’d come to really like his Dutch directness, his passion for research, and his ever-sensible views at departmental meetings. Glad I went to his visitation (especially with Rhonda and Julang), and sad I missed his funeral on Friday. I’ve been thinking about him all weekend: an impressive and nice man, who we will miss very much.

Becky and boredom

6 08 2016

Becky visiting is not remotely boring of course, but she has been analyzing a replicate study of boredom-like responses in mink. We had lunch in Guelph on Friday, where she caught me up with news of her Reading job and her latest mink stats.

It seems she’s found again that non-enriched mink are hyper-exploratory, and that individuals who spend a lot of time lying awake doing nothing (i.e. those who literally look bored!) are most prone. Given the general shakiness of science and the dinosaur-like way I’m clinging on to P values, replicating results like this feels pretty damn good!

Bad science is selected for

5 08 2016

As a career scientist, it’s near impossible not to follow the siren call of the P value even when you know it’s wrong, just because it’s so well rewarded.  Now a new paper models the effects of such ‘selection pressures’: The Natural Selection of Bad Science“. Good coverage here too. (Thanks to Misha for this nice find!)


I am a man

1 08 2016

Why aren’t (other) women citing themselves? That is crazy!!

(With thanks to Maria for this nice find)

Fearfulness and SB are linked in people

1 08 2016

Nice find from Jamie (err, not that I’ve read the whole paper yet).