Conferences 6 and 7

6 09 2016

August saw my 6th and 7th conference talks of the summer (after CSAW, CALAS/CALAM, Charles River, ISAE & pre-conf emotion workshop): the North American Fur meeting in Toronto, at which I talked about Maria’s cage size project, and then ‘Chimpanzees in Context‘ (held in a pretty early 20th century building in Chicago: see right) at which I talked about how to identify behavioural pathology. This last meeting was just a migrainey blur for me, though Jonathan and I did manage to enjoy exploring Chicago a bit.

How I racked up this ridiculous quota is something of a mystery, but explained in part by the meeting I was least interested in (the chimpanzee one) inviting me TWO YEARS ago, and the ones I really HAD to speak at (CALAS/M and the fur meeting) being rather last minute requests. So, not quite sure what lessons to take away.