Mike and Andrea’s PhD defences

7 09 2016

Ok Andrea‘s was only an MSc defence, but she got tough questions (as happens to good students) so it did feel quite PhD-like. Both defences were really satisfying from my point of view, with both Mike and Andrea calmly doing outstanding jobs. It’s a real pleasure to see them fledge (even if with Mike it’s somewhat bittersweet: we’ve worked together for 6 years, but the very day after his defence he left Guelph for Ottawa for his new job. Going to miss him badly).

Pictured below are Mike and his examining committee right after he got the big thumbs up: on the screen, Elena Choleris (L), heroically asking questions from home after an operation, and Brianna Gaskill (wierdly, Mike’s academic niece; R), and then left to right Lee Niel, me, Mike and Flavio Schenkel who chaired the exam.


Then here we have mini-me and Mike after his post-defence celebration (seems like such photos are becoming a theme …), and at hers, Andrea and her partner Vadim looking forward to hardwon desserts at the Delta.