Hopeful new group members

13 10 2016

I’ve spent a lot of time the last few months helping potential new group membersscreenshot-2016-10-12-19-30-24 seek funding. Dr. Giuliana Miguel Pachecho (right) is trying to win a Banting.  After tonnes of work this summer, we managed to be one of the university’s few nominees for this prestigious award, but we still have a tough competition ahead. She really deserves it though – smart, dedicated, great at publishing AND in Edinburgh she helped get me to the train station with my injured foot!




Then over the
last two weeks I’ve been working with MSU student Sam Decker on an application for a Fulbright. He has a flawless GPA, and we came up with a good project (on boredom, cognitive bias and individualised enrichment, using mink as a model). But again, now all we can do is wait…