‘Welfur’ on the BBC

20 10 2016


The new ‘Welfur Quality ‘ assessment scheme for fur farms was on the BBC website today (with thanks to Maria for spotting this). Not listened to the radio programme yet but here it is too.

I was one of the many people involved in the development of Welfur Quality, which the fur industry funded because they’re not covered by the EU’s ‘Welfare Quality’ scheme for farmed animals that are eaten. I think it’s a good thing, though of course even the best scoring farms will still be farms.

Steen Møller, mentioned in the BBC report, was one of the real brains involved. And he’s refined protocols for choosing when to visit farms, and for choosing how many cages to inspect, that’ll be really useful for the schemes that NFACC and the CMBA are currently developing for Canadian farms.