Good seminars

23 10 2016

It’s been a month of good seminars here and locally: new prof Anita Tucker on how indigenous North Americans view animals; UBC ecologtony-sinclairy giant Tony Sinclair (below right) on conservation successes and failures in East Africa (with buffalo migration pictures so amazing I thought they’d been CGI’ed, and a proposal for ‘rewilding’ to create pre-Anthropocene ecological communities); Bobbi Low from MSU on why modern well-educated bobbi-something-msuwomen have fewer babies (left), as part of whole day of human evolution talks here organised by Pat Barclay; and ,at McMaster, UCLA’s Joan Silk on whether we share altruism with our closest relatives, chimps (answer? No – chimps are just really mean, not inclined to share even when — as in the experiment below —  it costs them nothing).