Aimee and Emma’s first experiment

30 11 2016

Aimee and Emma are busy 4 hours a day now watching our new mice under red light. The aim of this simple pilot is to see if directly collected live data on time-budgets correlate with the same metrics gleaned from video.

Looking at these tiny, boring little cages (all these mice have known all their lives), if the study’s done in time, I really, really want to give them enrichments for Christmas….



Global costs of insufficient sleep

30 11 2016

Interesting new report out today. Love Japan, but sure am glad not to be Japanese…


Colons in titles: they’re the best

29 11 2016


Carole’s new friend

29 11 2016

Bristol has long been famous for its urban foxes, and here’s one hanging out at Carole’s:


Compromised immunity from low social status

29 11 2016

Sad but fascinating new research in Science, reminiscent of the classic Whitehall study.


Good publishing week for Jamie

29 11 2016

His Animal Behaviour paper just came out online,  and his Developmental Psychology paper, languishing in press since about May, was finally published at last.



Being macho is bad for mental health?

29 11 2016

Well let’s hope so!

APA press release here, and Forbes article here.