16 11 2016

Interesting week last week: was FOIAed (well, actually it’s FIPPAed here in Canada) for mink data by a group almost certainly representing PETA (who have been relentlessly FOIAing our colleague Steve Bursian at MSU, mainly to get hold of stuff to do with our mink welfare work). And this happened literally the very same day PETA also asked to me to be an expert witness (to do with an awful-sounding roadside zoo that makes tiger cubs swims with tourists).

Nothing came of either – I’m no tiger expert (me just sounding upset is not going to sway a judge), and the data requested (Andrea‘s videos) haven’t been analysed yet , so we don’t have to part with them. But I guess if PETA both values me and is highly suspicious of me, I’m probably doing something right.