6 12 2016

Literally: left-overs from our last journal club before Christmas. Bottom – crumbs of chocolate-and-salt vegan cookies; and top – crumbs of barbecued cricket and salt-and-pepper mealworms from Ent0mo Farms (surprisingly tasty) …


Should animal experiments be publicly registered?

3 12 2016



“Animal research has a publication problem. About half of all animal experiments in academic labs, including those testing for cancer and heart drugs, are never published in scientific journals, and those that are have been notoriously hard to replicate.

That’s part of the reason that most drugs that work in animals don’t work in people—only 11% of oncology compounds that show promise in mice are ever approved for humans.”

Yes, it’s a scandal.  Read on for more in this interesting discussion piece in Science.

Stress in threatened police

3 12 2016


How stress responses (and implicit biases) affect perceptions and decision-making in police under threat: fascinating radio programme here, featuring some very cool research from UTM.

How city life can make us ruder

1 12 2016

I always thought it was the high stocking density myself. Good BBC “Why factor” show here.

“Thank god for Google Translate”

1 12 2016

.. said Emma, after she’d accidentally asked for a paper that turned out to be in Bulgarian…


A weekend in Princeton

1 12 2016

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at what for me was a very unusual meeting: a conference run by the group ‘Animal Charity Evaluators‘ on effective altruism (‘EA’, as they called it) and how animal campaigning groups can be more impactful.

I had had no idea what to expect, but encountered a rare combination of passion and logic that I found really exciting. To make the whole thing even better, Becca Franks and Adam Shriver were there (both very good company), and Peter Singer spoke, and what’s more, after my talk came up to me and said (I swear blind I didn’t mis-hear), “Nice to see you again” (this being the third time I’ve met him now). It took every ounce of will I had not to curtsey. (Here he is on CBC btw).