Congratulations to Carole!

12 01 2017

I am weeks late with this, but congratulations to Carole! She’s won a lectureship at the University of Plymouth (home of colleagues Sarah Collins and Mike Thom, who are great … but is Plymouth really in the “top 2% in the world”??. Not being snobby – I’m from a somewhat obscure university myself. Hmmm seems like Plymouth’s ranked 553 in the top 1000, and Guelph- *nyeah nyeah-nyeah nyeah* – is no. 386. Guess there must be 25,000 other unis not even in the top 1000…).

Anyway, wild tangent aside, they have a thriving behaviour and welfare programme, and are also close enough to Bristol that Carole can keep up some collaborations there too. She starts in April. Fabulous achievement!