Maria returns home, and for Sylvie, all is now right with the world

1 02 2017

slide1Maria came back from Michigan two weeks ago, having been there for nearly two months, and heralding the end of an era: finishing the experimental phase of the mink cage size project (with the last experiment asking adult females whether they’d prefer to live on Canadian or European floor areas). And on her last night there, her husband had a classic mink dream (with a Basque twist): a nice addition to our collection.

Maria’s return is also big news for Sylvie. At long last the lab iPad, so annoyingly used to collect data these last few weeks, can now be restored to its rightful place: in my living room, for games like “Cat Fishing” to be played on daily. Below, an iPad’s eye view (and more evidence that cats’ faces may reveal how they feel).