Mink still bored

10 02 2017

Becky submitted our replicate of her boredom studyscreenshot-2017-02-09-20-17-54 yesterday, nearly bang on 5 years since running the original experiment.

As before, compared to enriched-housed mink, non-enriched animals proved hyper-exploratory when faced with a wide range of stimuli; and again as before, this was most marked in mink that spent a lot of time lying around despite not being asleep, eyes open but inert…  (yes, you got it: looking bored).

But also as before, this last pattern was only seen in the enriched mink, and unlike before, this time it didn’t seem to just reflect ceiling effects in the non-enriched group. Our discussion paragraph on this was therefore, as Becky eloquently put it, “a shrug in written form”. But the rest of this lovely paper is just very, very satisfying.