Sad news this week

23 02 2017

Click here for good obit from NC State.


40 mink, 4 ponds and 2 creeks:

23 02 2017

: it’s a new paper on “German mink heaven”!

I can’t help wondering what would happen if those 40 grow up into adults. But for these juveniles, it sounds pretty great.


Cool new comparative paper on bacula

23 02 2017

Long bones, long intromissions: that’s the story in this nice new paper that Maria just found. (I wonder if we could see if that’s true within-species too? Enrichment certainly boosts penis bone development in mink…)

Box of enrichments

23 02 2017

Lauren gets a parcel!  Someone innovative has come up with these robust-looking plastic strips suspended on wire, to hang in mink cages. They will definitely help farmers meet NFACC Codes (but whether these and other inventions also help mink welfare, well, only data will tell)

Charles River makes my day

20 02 2017

Feedback this morning from last summer’s Short Course!


Life is good?

20 02 2017


In our Happiness book we learned that researchers could increase how positive people felt about the course of their entire lives by the simply leaving a coin on the photocopier for them to find ‘by accident’. Amazing stuff.

So when Maria spotted this quarter at the bus-stoplast week, she literally laughed out loud!

Mason Lab: Posh

20 02 2017




I am having another lab party in a month or so, and someone suggested we dress up for it. Well, this is a first! But a doodle poll reveals that yes indeed, we want it posh.