Nova Scotia visit

26 03 2017

Screenshot 2017-03-26 16.10.30

Catching up (way, way behind with blogs …), I spent a couple of days at Dalhousie University in early March. I did not want to go at ALL because my lovely colleague Kirsti Rouvinen-Watt had retired (so was convinced no-one would be interested in my talk), and I was worried we might have to put our very old cat Mouse down that weekend too.

But (predictably really) I did enjoy it: I had a lovely Mouse March 2017evening with Kirsti and her husband; I got to meet delightful new research chair Younes Miar; visited their impressive, well-run mink research facilities (imagining what great work Jamie could do there, were he to win the faculty position they think they’ll open in a couple of years time) …; my talk went well (with many great questions from undergraduates, who are much more used to hearing about mink than the typical student); and to top it all, I came back to a Mouse who had rallied.