Thursday March 23rd

26 03 2017

Thursday was a very busy, satisfying and diverse day. First we had a journal club on a happiness paper set by Misha (which I’ll write up later), and welcomed Emma who’d  arrived from the UK the night before. Then Emma and Miranda got to work (sorting out some of the more troublesome data they’d inherited from Jeanette) ….

Miranda and Emma

… while most of us went to see Trevor’s student Rachel give a seminar on sorting of a different kind (feed-sorting in dairy cattle with SARA).

Misha meanwhile went to pick up his new hens from Arkell: here they are, still a bit scared from their trailer journey (L), and then settling in their new pens in the Animal Biosciences barn (R).

Then Aimee, ‘other Emma‘ and I started a giant sort through the mouse equipment I’ve stored in the depths of Animal Biosciences for the couple of years since Mike’s project ended, pulling out stuff we need for Mike’s visit tomorrow, disinfecting it, moving it back to the CAF, and disinfecting again, since we know that wild mice have probably been prancing around and peeing all over it in the basement. Here is the surreal sight of a three-legged home-made plus maze waiting for a ride (its other leg was never found), and Emma and Aimee having a break to check out Misha’s new hens (side-tracked by the lovely old barn cat).

The day ended with Elena’s lab group, at which Honours thesis student (and potential new grad student) Lindsey Kitchenham presented on her work that’s cleverly (but not successfully,  …. yet anyway) trying to use the social transmission of food preferences to assess individual recognition in lab mice.

By this point I was tired, dusty, itchy-eyed, achey and hungry, but more convinced than ever that I love my job.

Lindsey's talk