All about carnivores

30 03 2017

Emma M flew back to Bristol yesterday after an excellent visit. She and Miranda painstakingly worked through some puzzles in Jeanette and Ros’s old data (not just to double-check, but as essential prep to make sure when new animals were added, newIMG_4481 medians would be calculated correctly). As an example, one of the many strange problems they had to solve was, just how many jaguars called “Pelé” are there in Brazilian zoos?

The two were helped by Jeanette herself on Tuesday night. Here is everyone in an Ethiopian restaurant on Bloor Street (left to right, Miranda, Emma and J.). We really should have toasted Ros, who started all of this!

Best of all, after all the small corrections had been added, the new data integrated, and an executive decision made about some highly suspect data on fossas, our old result re-emerged: naturally large home ranges still predict stereotypic route-tracing (exciting because for a few weeks it had vanished, making Miranda and I sweat a bit). Below, Emma and Miranda show how relieved they are (in front of their meticulous attempt to work out which lynx was which across three confusing Scottish studies from the late 90s).