Michigan weekend

26 04 2017

I spent Friday-Monday in East Lansing last week, and it was ridiculously pleasant: partly the familiarity of seeing people I’ve worked with for 11 years now, but also meeting IMG_4591someone new – Sam, who turns out to be extremely nice. Plus Maria and I analysed data every day, and were happy as kids in a sandpit (tackling Dana’s dataset properly at last, and — even better —  finding we’d successfully replicated our previous result that enriched males are better at winning matings from females).

On top of that I met the lovely if strange Luna (Maria and Andy’s rescue cat), and saw Maria’s new experiment (she’s sneaking in one last project before she leaves, on a new grant won with Jens Malmkvist). Here is a female in the lucky treatment group to be given nesting materials: one who’s skillfully made a neat shelter for the kits she expects in about a week (something not all the females do, some of them seeming really quite nonplussed).

Mink mum with nest