Out with the old….

7 05 2017

Here are some of our last batch of hens, who Misha has been working with to see if they like forest videos (last time a trend) and to replicate our past startle study (last time mysteriously unsuccessful, at least in terms of effects of affective state).

Misha has just released these ones in celebration of the end of their studies (L), and though this is the first time they’ve had the chance to explore, they roamed around avidly, swarming around us, the novel places, and the barn cat, all without a qualm.  Tomorrow they all get adopted to a hobby farm. I have a hunch they’re going to enjoy it.

The startle set up is also shown here (R), proving my personal adage that if it doesn’t involve duct tape it’s not science. Like before, a forceplate is embedded in the floor, and a camera flash is the eliciting stimulus, but this time Misha has made the box darker and added mirrors to reflect the flash, all in hopes of enhancing the magnitude of the birds’ startle reflexes.