Aimee’s first results!

21 06 2017

After 4 days of scanning, Aimee was ready to see if our mice are stable in the traits we’re interested in: stereotypic behaviour and “still but awake” (where mice just stand still, doing nothing; it’s weirder than it sounds).

Yes! — the % visible scans in each behaviour on Days 1 plus 3 covaried beautifully with the equivalent values for Days 2 plus 4 (odd/even day comparisons we always do as a data quality check).

So, let her first real experiment begin!

Non-sequitur of the week II: and the runner up is…

21 06 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-21 08.52.15

Non-sequitur of the week

21 06 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-21 08.49.24

Postcard from London

21 06 2017

Maria and Elena, at the top of St. Paul’s!


The semi-domestication of cats

21 06 2017

Nice article based on a new paper, with thanks to Jamie for this find.

Screenshot 2017-06-21 08.23.20

Chicken-catching horror in BC

15 06 2017

The ever-active BC SPCA and highly effective advocacy group Mercy for Animals have stumbled across some real nastiness in the Fraser Valley (though I should admit I couldn’t watch the video after reading the description).

Enrichment for hens and a cat

9 06 2017

Misha finished creating his super-enriched hen pens this weekend, and it turned out Mr Black very much liked their fresh grass too.

chickens perching

Marriage: good for you

9 06 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-08 21.23.44More nice research for my “stress kills/happiness is good for you” pile: research from Aston University showing how marriage can reduce morbidity and mortality from some common diseases.

Here is some ¬†proud coverage from the Birmingham Mail.¬†and a piece from the BBC. It’s still just a conference presentation though, so let’s wait for the peer-reviewed paper to come out.

Cat face analyses slowly progressing

9 06 2017

The cat faces analyses have been slowly moving along….

IMG_4716The first proper full epidemiological model had Lauren’s laptop tied up (and increasingly hot) for 3 days, but meanwhile my simple sign tests show that overall, people CAN do it: far more subjects than you’d expect by chance got more right answers than wrong.

Right: Lauren’s nice diagram of all the factors we want to look at.

(Belated) welcome to Basma

9 06 2017

Here is new(ish) USRA Basma Nazal, who’s joined us from York University. Her and (little) Emma have spent the day learning to use Linda Parker‘s startle boxes as ours are kaput.