Aimee’s first results!

21 06 2017

After 4 days of scanning, Aimee was ready to see if our mice are stable in the traits we’re interested in: stereotypic behaviour and “still but awake” (where mice just stand still, doing nothing; it’s weirder than it sounds).

Yes! — the % visible scans in each behaviour on Days 1 plus 3 covaried beautifully with the equivalent values for Days 2 plus 4 (odd/even day comparisons we always do as a data quality check).

So, let her first real experiment begin!

Non-sequitur of the week II: and the runner up is…

21 06 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-21 08.52.15

Non-sequitur of the week

21 06 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-21 08.49.24

Postcard from London

21 06 2017

Maria and Elena, at the top of St. Paul’s!


The semi-domestication of cats

21 06 2017

Nice article based on a new paper, with thanks to Jamie for this find.

Screenshot 2017-06-21 08.23.20

Chicken-catching horror in BC

15 06 2017

The ever-active BC SPCA and highly effective advocacy group Mercy for Animals have stumbled across some real nastiness in the Fraser Valley (though I should admit I couldn’t watch the video after reading the description).

Enrichment for hens and a cat

9 06 2017

Misha finished creating his super-enriched hen pens this weekend, and it turned out Mr Black very much liked their fresh grass too.

chickens perching