Women in the news

23 07 2017

Not watched Dr. Who since I was a kid, but this new morph is a damn good thing.

Screenshot 2017-07-23 08.33.05


It’s caused a lot of reaction, this being my favourite:

Screenshot 2017-07-23 08.36.40Let’s hope she’s paid as much as the male ones!


A cleverness of ravens

21 07 2017

Screenshot 2017-07-21 08.07.38Nice new work out in Science last week:


Papers paper papers!

15 07 2017

Maria‘s cage height paper is now out:

Screenshot 2018-01-11 22.42.30

Andrea’s taxonomy of stereotypic behaviours is well on its way:

Screenshot 2017-07-15 13.40.29


And Misha‘s “natural stimuli” review has JUST gone back to the journal, following useful and very nice referees’ comments:

Screenshot 2017-07-15 12.55.44



Resting rich face

15 07 2017

Interesting new research from UoT published here, and written up for popular consumption here: being comfortably off makes you look happier. Amazing (and sad) that they found effects in people so young.

Spam of the week

13 07 2017

Academics get a tonne of spam these days, such as invites to submit to joke journals or present at bogus conferences.  Here are some favourites this week.

One was to Jonathan, or “Newman”, as he prefers total strangers to call him:

Screenshot 2017-07-13 09.05.08

This was to me, from a journal that even vampires don’t cite, apparently:

Screenshot 2017-07-13 09.12.40

And this was to Carole. You’d think it’d be funnier…

Screenshot 2017-07-13 09.08.54









“Is it for make-up?”

12 07 2017

– asked the guy in RONA, as I looked for help replacing this part that attaches a narrow tube to an air compressor.


“Yeah, because I’m a drag queen” I did not snarl.

(It’s actually to rig up an airpuff as a tactile startle stimulus for mice).

Biphasic sleep!

12 07 2017

I’m normal! Wish someone had told me this years ago: https://www.livescience.com/12891-natural-sleep.html

Screenshot 2017-07-11 22.41.44

Found while actually looking for this information, heard on the BBC and apparently out in Proc. Roy. Soc. B today: