Hens kill blog

14 09 2017

Been very quiet on the blogging front as absolutely all my spare time has been spent getting ready to adopt hens. Part of this work (the ‘indoor part’) has involved turning a room off the garage that was full of rubbish, stored junk, mouse turds and two mummified rats into this (left)….and then insulating it and slowly turning it into this…(right). I’m hoping the yolky yellow feels cosy and womb-like to the birds.

Then last week I picked up six hens! They’re from the 48 who made up the first batch in Misha‘s giant enrichment experiment (investigating resilience and indicators of positive affect in chickens), and like last time he managed to rehome them all.

So far I can identify three of them, including Red (left, named after her leg ring, her plumage colour, and her general feisty resemblance to Red in Orange is the New Black); Rose (right), who’s pale, pretty, picked on by Red, and has a pink leg ring; and the only one who arrived with a name – Misha’s favourite hen “Mud”, not shown here, but mysteriously named after the film starring Matthew McConaughey (even though she’s very sweet).

And after being daunted for the first day, we’ve got into a groove and I now really, really like them (though the cats are not so sure).  I’ve also learned not to give them treats while some of them are egg-laying (really not fair). There are no treats ’til noon – that’s the rule.