25 10 2017

I am five conferences behind, blog-wise, but will start with the latest and hope that has me then working backwards to May.

Last week, me, Andrea, Miranda and new student Sam rented a ridiculous giant black SUV and drove to Chicago and back for Brookfield’s 3rd International Symposium on Zoo Animal Welfare.  There we met up with “Big Emma” (her and Miranda were presenting complementary posters), and Maria, and Ros, who’d all come over from the UK.

It was just lovely to see everyone (and the Monday night, we all snuck out together for fabulous tapas). Ros being there was particularly special, as her work some 15 years ago was the starting point for what Miranda and Emma are doing now.  Those three meeting up was a really nice complement to Emma and Miranda meeting Jeanette last year (and now I just have to get Ros and Jeanette to meet!).

My talk went OK (though the conference opened with an announcement that all talks had to be shortened by 3 minutes … which I missed because I was literally about to go on stage and so having a nervous wee; my presentation’s timing was therefore like being in a bad dream). The strange panel discussion I was on (with Jill Mellen and Joy Mench) went OK too; Andrea’s talk went well; and, that aside, the highlights (cast into stark relief by truly spectacular pseudoreplication in the worst talks) were from Austin Leeds on assessing salivary oxytocin in gorillas, Ashley Edes on trying to validate allostatic load indices in the same species, and a multi-zoo study from Jilian Fazio on the exquisite Fishing Cat (which benefits from more human contact apparently; can I volunteer?)

Below, top to bottom, the “Carnivore Three” (Emma, Miranda and Ros); the closest we got to downtown (whizzing by as we drove from the wrong zoo, oops, to Brookfield); Miranda and Emma at their poster; Jill, me and Joy being a “panel”, and Emma and Miranda’s great (Ok so I’m biased) posters.



Screenshot 2017-10-24 21.51.05

Chicago poster_1

Chicago poster_M_E GJM_EM - 2