My new office

25 10 2017


The hens – who are a delight – featured in a quiz question for ANSC*4090 too the other week.

The first day they could go outside (once their new enclosure, and the tunnel connecting it to their coop, were finished), it was a struggle to get them inside for the night. I called from the coop, and banged a food dish full of treats, but they just had no idea what I was doing or what I meant: they kept running to and fro along the tunnel, and it took me and Jonathan nearly an hour to get them all corralled indoors. But the next evening, I again called from the coop and banged the food dish, and they all immediately came sprinting in, ready for supper. The next evening I just started calling from the coop (“chick-…”), and that was all they needed to trigger the mass sprint home. The fourth night, I went to the coop to call them — and they were all there already, lined up and looking expectant!

This is the most rapid associative learning I’ve ever seen (the quiz question just being about which type). My dad thinks they should be put in charge of Brexit.