Lab meeting at the Delta

14 12 2017

To say goodbye to Lauren (whose unorthodox mink enrichment/cat faces contract has just ended) while everyone was still here before Christmas, we held our Tuesday lab meeting at the Delta so I could buy food and drinks.

Left to right below we have: coursework student Aileen, Lauren herself, new-ish MSc thesis student Sam, MSc thesis students Aimee and Miranda, and then PhD students old and new: Andrea, Michelle and Misha (coursework student Basma being kept at bay by weather, MSc thesis student Emma sidetracked by a sick cat, and undergrad Lindsey consumed by exams).

delta-dec-12th-2017-e1513282253359.jpgWe’ve been reading Thinking from A-Z and the Fallacy Files for a few months, and this week were going to go over modus ponens and modus tollens again. But we got in a muddle, not least as I hadn’t done my homework and kept getting the wrong end of the stick (it’s been a brutal semester). So, we’ll revisit that we fresh heads in the New Year. Instead we covered the infamous and some might say tedious “Three Circles” (with fun post-its), as Ian and Derek planned to lead a discussion on this on Thursday.