Lecture room 112 and a half

24 01 2018

On Friday afternoon I went to Mackinnen for class to find room 113, since I was scheduled to be lecturing in ‘Mac 113’.  But once there, I could not find the room. It soon became time for the class to start, and I still wasn’t there: I was just rushing up and down the corridor, wringing my hands.

When I finally found a map (see below, including a reflection of my sweating forehead), it turned out there WAS no room 113.


I was nearly in tears by this point. What to do? By 10 minutes after the time the class was supposed to start, I was ready to run at a wall, Harry Potter style, and hope it appeared that way.

Then a helpful passerby asked, could be MacNaughton 113?  And it was. Damn and blast these Scots!!!!!!  And so began the first of my lectures on stress and the brain …