Cross-modal object recognition in dogs

29 03 2018

Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.38.37

Since one of my favourite papers ever was published, I’ve been a fan of cross-modal recognition studies. Here’s a nice new one to add to the list.

Can I use three subjects?

29 03 2018

Brilliant find from Joe:



No, THIS is “email of the week”!!!

29 03 2018

From Aimee!

Screenshot 2018-03-28 21.04.25

Congratulations to her and Andrea for being smart, hardworking, productive and (never mind all that soppy stuff) successful at winning the $$$$ (nearly $170K between the pair of them)!

Email of the week

27 03 2018

From Emma, possibly just days from when her baby arrives, confirming Heather’s result that brainy parrot species are more at risk for oral stereotypic behaviour (OSB) (woo hoo!):

Screenshot 2018-03-27 16.35.17

Spot the self-domesticated mouse

13 03 2018

Screenshot 2018-03-13 13.49.02


Fascinating account of a spontaneously domesticating house mouse population, showing the white splodges that so commonly appear during this process in other species…

Episodic memory paper I need to read

13 03 2018

Totally missed this 2016 paper, written up by here! So this is me adding it to my “to read” pile…

Screenshot 2018-03-13 12.32.57

NC3Rs prize

13 03 2018

Our “mixed strain paper” won a prize today!  It’s a stats paper, intrinsically dry and heavy going, so being highly commended is something of a coup!

Mike had fun at the award ceremony today, and here he is with the certificate:

Screenshot 2018-03-12 23.01.24