And about time too!

27 05 2018

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The transgenerational harm of residential schools

18 05 2018

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The BBC’s just released a compelling documentary on the horrors of Canada’s past residential school system, and its knock on effect from parent to child to grandchild.

These transgenerational effects have been studied more formally and academically, but sometimes there’s nothing like hearing from actual real people.

Bad stockphotos of people’s jobs

18 05 2018

These are so brilliant!

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More work on the importance of sleep

16 05 2018

Yet more fascinating research on sleep came out this week. Checking my email is the last and first thing I do every day, and seriously, I am going to stop it after reading this new paper in The Lancet (though I do always get at least 7 hours sleep a night, phew).

And disrupted sleep may well be important for animals too, like broilers kept on artificially long days, and rats kept in non-enriched cages, trying to sleep in the light phase of the day, as technicians and researchers clomp about around them. Turning back to humans, here is a nice lay summary of their research from the Lancet authors.

“White Bear”: stunning art project from Chinese artist Sheng Wen Lo

16 05 2018

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From the artist just now:
“I read your research on the correlation of SB risks and ranging distance; thank you for the inspiring studies!  If I may, would like to share one of my project “White Bear” with you. The project, co-produced with National Geographic, focused on polar bears in captivity and their behaviour.”

Miranda’s final thesis!

15 05 2018

Miranda met the semester deadline by a whole comfortable day, and now her final thesis is posted online!

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Millbank mink farm charged by the OSPCA

15 05 2018

Undercover videos have led to the Parkinsons being charged by the OSPCA. The footage is awful. And if it’s true that the animals were not treated, this is also violation of the Codes.