Lord of the Rings

16 07 2018

Last week also saw an actual crisis too, for Sam.

After sawing drain pipes into several hundred rings, he had painfully cut an inch-wide gap into every single one so that the ring could expand if a mink squeezed into it (for safety).  But *disaster*: after he added them to the cages, they all ended up out of the cage, on the ground, and within about 10 minutes! As the mink avidly played with them, the gap meant each ring just snaked out through the mesh of the cage bottom. So, these hundreds of rings are all utterly useless (and I’m kicking myself because I thought ‘pilot study first?’ but never actual said it).


Back to the drawing board.

This time we used the Physics Shop, a new discovery for me, and the silver lining in this cloud. For free, they let Sam use a band saw (right) that sliced through the new drainpipes like putty. Then, with help from Michelle and Aileen, each replacement ring was again cut to give it ‘give’, but this time just with a single snip.

And so, here, at last, is a mink with one of his new enrichments –

– and this time it’s for keeps.