Congratulations to Emmas!

28 07 2018

‘Little Emma’ (Emma Nip) had her paper on chickadee body masses accepted at last – something she submitted at about the time she joined the lab, only to discover that The Canadian Field Naturalist is the world’s slowest journal. Congratulations to her on her first paper, and her persistence and patience!

Meanwhile me and ‘Big Emma’ (Emma Mellor) also finally had our Zoo Biology paper accepted, again after more than a year. Obviously this is great news, but the message below had us in something of a panic…

Screenshot 2018-07-28 14.52.52

… because the fine details of phylogenetic comparative methods are not especially easy, and in all honesty this paper was never actually refereed by an expert.  So, we were now rushing to get input and a critical eye cast on the most technical sections.  Hafiz Maharali (who was on Miranda’s committee) and Innes Cuthill (who’s on Emma’s) were both great – speedy, helpful and to the point. We also spotted a possible error in “A Primer on Phylogenetic Least Squares“, which we’d cited handsomely, and scurried to edit the manuscript around that too so that we didn’t parrot it and then make one of our own figures look wrong.  In the end we had to ask the Zoo Biology production folks to pull our proofs and let us submit as fairly overhauled new Word doc.  I’ve never done anything remotely like this before, but they were very good about it. So, a big thank-you to Vinoth in New Delhi, and a big sigh of relief from us.