Cows need scratching brushes

11 08 2018

Not just a luxury it seems: cows want brushes as much as they want food according to new research by Nina and team, adding to a whole corpus of work on the importance of grooming. (Nice write-up in the NYT here too). Now if only someone would make such a thing for cats

Screenshot 2018-08-11 09.30.21

Emma’s nearly done!

11 08 2018

From Emma yesterday, sending me Chapter 1 quickly to turn around before I take some holiday (in an email I soooo nearly deleted as spam!):

Screenshot 2018-08-11 09.36.53

And we are now good to go! Defence date: Sept 6th!

Screenshot 2018-08-11 09.34.52

Mason Lab dinner in Charlottetown

8 08 2018

The second night of the ISAE I took old and new lab members out to dinner, along with any partners who were around (including Michelle’s boyfriend Aaron, who by total coincidence was doing some research at UPEI and appeared just as we were heading off!).

Front L to Front R in the top image are: Aimee, Jamie, Mike, Gwen (Misha’s partner), Aaron (Michelle‘s partner), Misha, Robert (Aimee’s partner),  Miranda, Emma, Andrea, Maria, me and Becky.


Sleeping cat with fallen cherry blossom

2 08 2018

One of the slides from Hajime Tanida‘s lovely ISAE conference talk today, on providing drinking water to the feral cats of Onomichi: 


The audience forgot they were serious applied ethologists, and cooed and ooed at each and every lovely photo.