Congratulations to Lindsey!

27 12 2018

Lindsey submitted her first ever first-authored paper last week! This is always an achievement, but in this case it was also a major relief: the MS was starting to drive us both insane, as we tried again and again to retrofit a sensible, research-based rationale onto a rather intuitive undergraduate project. This rationale morphed from a (baroque) method to assess individual recognition (an idea ditched a while ago), to, more reasonably, a novel test of Social Learning Strategy theory.  Highlights of this challenging and circuitous journey included Lindsey presenting to the GTA Animal Cognition Reading Group in November, and her teaching herself stats amazingly competently; but lowlights included realising that at least two aspects of the experiment were (potential referees please stop reading now) totally stupid. Lindsey showed outstanding resilience and perseverance throughout this process, even when she had a “heart full of hate” (quote of the week that week). So, double congratulations to her: I hope she’s spending the Christmas break doing nothing but nice things.

Screenshot 2018-12-27 18.20.25