Revisions revisions revisions

10 04 2019


Our flurry of paper submissions in Fall and Winter has triggered a logjam of revisions requests and referees’ reports. And because peer review is a lottery, they’ve spanned the whole gamut from humblingly helpful to unbelievably frustrating.

Waiting longest in the queue is Maria’s mink brain paper with Behavioural Brain Research (and I can’t even remember now what they wanted changing!). But then a flurry arrived in the last 2-3 weeks: Lindsey’s Behavioural Processes paper and Misha’s Scientific Reports paper, both back with thought provoking but very useful comments; a paper on her main MSc results that Emma lead-authored for Applied Animal Behaviour Science, blissfully requiring only minor revisions; and our cat faces paper, back again from Animal Welfare, and the only one we’ve managed to resubmit so far (please, pleeeease *sob*, just drop it Referee 2).

AW resubm