And yay again!

16 05 2019

Maria gets our mink brains resubmission in!

Screenshot 2019-05-16 12.16.30

Yay: Emma’s first MSc paper!

15 05 2019

Fw: Applan-D-19-25R1 Decision

Emotion-signalling faces

12 05 2019

Great find from Lee Niel (my cat faces collaborator amongst other things) on the evolution of faces in humans:

Screenshot 2019-05-12 08.43.51


Optimistic response

12 05 2019

Heart-warming find for my collection from Jamie:

Jamie email jpeg


Email of the week

11 05 2019

From Big Emma, as she look to see if husbandry variables covary with any aspect of natural foraging in our Carnivora database (and we’re very much hoping not…)

Re: Moving forward with the paper!

Partial group pic

9 05 2019


Happy at the end of a long day of symposium yesterday: L to R, Misha, Lindsey, Aimee, Aileen and Michelle (Andrea having vanished by now, and Sam limped home for a very well-deserved 12 or 14 hour sleep).

The Sunk Costs fallacy

9 05 2019

The BBC did another great radio documentary this week, this time on one of the most seductive of fallacies…British_Airways_Concorde_G-BOAC_03