The nicest place I’ve ever edited an AUP

19 06 2019


Obviously a normal person’s ideal is not to work at all on holiday, but hey, I’m an academic. And if you do have to edit an AUP, you might as well do it at the Little Plum Cafe in Naoshima, on a balmy warm evening after a lovely day, while drinking ginger-flavour beer. Yes there’s a parked van in this slightly distorted panorama (featuring Jonathan writing his journal), but it was so cutely tiny and cartoon-like it did not detract.

I can report, however, that the Nozumi shinkansen is the worst place to then try and submit an AUP from: you’d think a train that regular exceeds 200km/h would have decent internet, but apparently no! (And this was all important because our new mice were due to arrive soon after I got back…)