The Post covers our cat faces paper!

30 11 2019

Lovely coverage out today (though sadly Sylvie-free in the end):

Screenshot 2019-11-30 12.44.49




Lindsey’s first slide

30 11 2019

Tutored by Peter Paletta in Elena’s lab, Lindsey’s learning how to stain and mount brain sections (the stain being for cytochrome oxidase: a marker of neuronal activation).  She describes her first slide as “garbage”; but honestly seeing this just made Aileen and I thrilled that this work really is starting!

LindsPresentation15ey’s going to be seeing if stereotypic behaviour’s predicted by a combination of basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex activity. And because the hippocampus will be obvious in her sections, Aileen’s going to use them too, to assess hippocampal volume as part of her interest in depression-like effects.

Definition of ‘stot’

30 11 2019

Well that settles that:

Screenshot 2019-11-29 21.26.39

Crows ace another test

28 11 2019

Screenshot 2019-11-27 21.51.56Building on a 2014 study, crows once again show they can pass the Marshmallow Test:



28 11 2019

Screenshot 2019-11-27 21.47.43

Sylvie hears chickadees

27 11 2019

Talking of Sylvie, yesterday I decided to play some chickadee videos, trying to find a good alarm call to use in class. Can you tell which picture is from before I started doing this and which after?

Nightmares are useful?

27 11 2019

Not read the paper yet, but the BBC’s write-up is intriguing:
Screenshot 2019-11-27 09.07.09.png

Does this mean if I ever have to get across London by tube to catch a plane that’s about to leave, with all my luggage in 6-10 fragile overfull plastic bags that are stretching and breaking, I’ll just be ready for it?