Multiplex puzzle

10 11 2019

IMG_2687Aileen ran the long-awaited Multiplex immunoassay a couple of weeks ago. But results from our mice were disappointing: nothing much was detected. So … are even our “depressed” mice not very inflamed? Or was there something wrong with the test or the kit itself?

To try and figure this out, Jess stepped in with some UBC samples from LPS injected mice. Pro-inflammatory cytokines now could be picked up. But these samples, their dilutions, and something to do with the standard curve (I’ll defer heavily to Aileen and Jess here) revealed that IL-6, TNF-alpha, IL-10 and INF-gamma were still less detectable than we should have expected.

Now we’re corresponding with Millipore’s technical team to work out what to do next. Not too disheartened yet (my lab motto is: “if it was easy, someone would have done it already”). But the big question is: stick with Millipore knowing we’ll get a hell of a lot of zeros, or find a different technique?