Peer review explained

16 12 2019

On Shit Academics Say this week:

Screenshot 2019-12-16 05.24.20

Congrats to Aileen!

16 12 2019

Her and Ian got their revised MS back to Animal Welfare last week. I’m hoping it deals a fatal blow to the Three Circles…

Screenshot 2019-12-16 05.18.50

Amazing brains

12 12 2019

Any time any one of us works with brains I’m immediately full of awe and excitement, even if it’s just pickling them or making a bit of a bodge while first learning to section and stain.  And now, in just a couple of days (albeit tortured ones for her) Lindsey’s sections are starting to look good: neater AND (crucially) staining well.


And Aileen’s starting to get her first peeks of the hippocampus!


Super Emma to the rescue

12 12 2019

If you’re in my lab and you’re called Emma, you’re basically a super woman. “Big Emma” has proved this multiple times, combining her PhD with motherhood and marathon-running with apparently absurd ease (what are the rest of us complaining about?). But now “Little Emma”‘s competing: these days her routine work at the Guelph Humane Society involves wrestling with raccoons and rescuing animals, both wild and tame.  Here she is having spent an hour with a colleague fishing a poor injured cat out of the Speed River: all in a day’s work!


Congratulations to Andrea!

12 12 2019

Andrea won the department’s Science Communication award, for her work with the Campbell Centre Student Chapter (including developing educational materials that Let’s Talk Science can now use in every school in Ontario!)

Birds understand each other’s alarm calls

7 12 2019

Well of course they do, sensible birds:


Interesting, and hopefully good, times for animal protection in Ontario

6 12 2019

Just catching up on all that happened on the legislation front this Summer and Fall. The Guelph Humane Society is cautiously optimistic about the new PAWS bill, which was passed yesterday (though still looking for reassurance that they’ll be supported as a place where rescued animals can be homed and cared for).