The semi-domestication of cats

21 06 2017

Nice article based on a new paper, with thanks to Jamie for this find.

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Chicken-catching horror in BC

15 06 2017

The ever-active BC SPCA and highly effective advocacy group Mercy for Animals have stumbled across some real nastiness in the Fraser Valley (though I should admit I couldn’t watch the video after reading the description).

Marriage: good for you

9 06 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-08 21.23.44More nice research for my “stress kills/happiness is good for you” pile: research from Aston University showing how marriage can reduce morbidity and mortality from some common diseases.

Here is some  proud coverage from the Birmingham Mail. and a piece from the BBC. It’s still just a conference presentation though, so let’s wait for the peer-reviewed paper to come out.

Science on the radio

29 05 2017

There were two good things on the news this week, on….

… why is childbirth is painful…

Screenshot 2017-05-28 21.21.39


…. Instagram, Facebook and mental health:

And then a pretty lame piece on CBC about the inner lives of trees. Yes plants are amazing, but this interviewer was just gullible.

Jaak Panksepp

24 04 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 10.40.13 PMThis week saw the sad news of Jaak Panksepp’s death.

Although I didn’t always love his research (especially his work on affect, because he often didn’t clearly distinguish between conscious and unconscious emotion), his studies of play were great — erudite and useful; his work on the rewarding value of tickling for rats has started to influence some lab animal practices; and his heart was very definitely in the right place.

The screwy genes of night owls

24 04 2017

Sent to me by my chair, who clearly has my number:

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Joe on NPR!

11 04 2017

Joe was on NPR this week!

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