Working at home with pets

31 03 2020

Pets (and the climate) are beneficiaries of this pandemic: a silver lining in the gloom! And here’s a cute article on the subject featuring colleague Candace Croney:

Here too are some wise words from Lee Niel:

Screenshot 2020-03-31 12.46.54

Zebra Fish ‘Chamber of Love’ pilots

25 03 2020

Jaqui managed to get two trials of her mate choice tests in before we closed down research in the zebra fish lab: not enough data to run analyses obviously, but still a great way to learn how we can run things better when we get back going again. Below, a female  seems to like what she sees…

Heat-seeking noses

11 03 2020

Dogs’ cold, damp noses can discriminate temperatures, shows a new paper in Scientific Reports (nicely written up in Science here).

Not quite vampire bats, but still very impressive! And once again, I feel this work very much needs replicating in cats.

Screenshot 2020-03-10 20.33.37

Trouble-making philosophers

6 03 2020

Here’s a nice article (featuring Peter Singer of course) on why philosophers often espouse vegetarianism (well typically veganism in my experience, since that’s often the more logical consequence of any argument). And a big thank you to philosophers Andrew Fenton and Gillian Crozier for a really fun if mind-bending skype call the other week! (The fact that Andrew recommended this video on ideal/non-ideal theory as “a lot of fun”, I still find hilarious)

Screenshot 2020-03-05 22.10.09

Possibly my research career’s very peak

23 02 2020

OK this really has to be the highlight: cat faces was mentioned, albeit it very very briefly, on the Bill Maher show last week! (Don’t ask me why I can’t get this horizontal: I simply can’t. Just turn your head – go on you can do it!)

Behavioural effects of mouse tears

15 02 2020

Hmm, it seems that murine tears are useful after all!

Screenshot 2020-02-14 21.38.26


“Ellis was stillborn at 10pm and I was in work at eight o’clock the next day.”

15 02 2020

The UK has just introduced a new law (“Jacks’ Law“): any working parent whose child dies is now entitled to two weeks leave. For a stressor whose lasting effects on bereaved parents can include depression, poor health, and even shortened lifespans, this doesn’t seem like much. But it’s a major, major advance on the pitiful nothing there was before.