Miranda’s final thesis!

15 05 2018

Miranda met the semester deadline by a whole comfortable day, and now her final thesis is posted online!

Screenshot 2018-05-15 18.18.46

For when people ask me why I work at home so much…

7 05 2018


Miranda’s defence!

3 05 2018

IMG_6372Miranda passed her MSc. defence on Friday! Here she is (right) giving her talk, in a carefully-chosen shirt patterned with cheetahs…

Both examiners were from Integrative Biology: Hafiz Maherali (who was also on her committee), and Amy Newman. Their astute questions had me writing down note after note for the paper Miranda and I plan to write next. And Miranda’s parents and fiancé Paul were also there too, bringing homemade cookies in a transparent but very tasty bid to sway the committee.

All went well, and below is Miranda, Paul at her side and surrounded by friends and labmates, having had a celebratory lunch at the Albion. (Sadly there were two absentees though: me, as I started having a migraine — quite unrelated to the defence! — that would last for another two days; and Andrea, whose cat Nito was ill with cancer). That evening Miranda and entourage then drove back home to New Jersey, before she hopped on a plane to do her corrections in the more glamorous location of San Francisco. It was a strange but mostly good day.


… and Emma’s big day has just happened!

25 04 2018

Congrats to Emma and John, and welcome to Eve, born a few days ago!


Miranda’s big day is coming up

25 04 2018

Miranda’s thesis, not yet bedecked with the traditional gazillion post-its, but all ready for her defence on Friday!


Birthday group meeting

19 04 2018

My pet picturesLast week for my birthday we went out as is the tradition, this time to Mijiida. The group got me presents, which honestly I don’t really encourage… well… ahem, unless they’re as totally fabulous as these ones were: amazing surprise framed prints they somehow made of Mud (Misha’s favourite of my hens), Luke, Sylvie and Mouse.

Below, left to right are: Basma, Miranda (who’s defending very soon!), Aileen, Emma, Lindsey, Aimee, Michelle, Sam and Misha (Andrea being away visiting family in Guatemala).

Birthday group meeting


Monarchist sentiments unusually high in the Mason Lab

18 04 2018

Typically I’m about as royalist as I am religious. But with two students winning QEII awards this week (Claire Chan from UTM who plans to join the lab for her PhD, and our very own Lindsey who’s looking to start as a MSc student), it’s hard not to feel a warm glow for the old dear (especially as her last corgi died this week).