NC3Rs prize

13 03 2018

Our “mixed strain paper” won a prize today!  It’s a stats paper, intrinsically dry and heavy going, so being highly commended is something of a coup!

Mike had fun at the award ceremony today, and here he is with the certificate:

Screenshot 2018-03-12 23.01.24


A good few days for Andrea!

13 03 2018

Chosen by OAC for the university 3MT heats and a paper accepted by Animal Behaviour!

Screenshot 2018-03-12 22.48.19


And email of the week

13 03 2018

From Emma, who was looking for pictures of birds from the swift and marten family:

Screenshot 2018-03-12 22.43.14


Fur auction

7 03 2018

IMG_6121I don’t make the big auction every year, but this time Sam, Lauren and I managed the very last morning on Sunday.

It was pretty quiet: most farmers had gone home, so the place was mainly full of buyers (mostly Chinese and Korean, some already packed and ready to go home); and it was slightly subdued — prices weren’t great (not disasterous, but many  farms will have barely broke even). As ever the whole thing gave me mixed feelings – I’m seduced by some of the beauty of mink (despite myself), but find the wolves, weasels and lynx cats just upsetting.

But what we did get for sure was good company on the journey; a really pleasant, long and leisurely visit with Gary; and some seriously wonderful Asian food (laid on for the buyers, and totally fantastic).

Postcard from Estonia

5 03 2018

Very cute harvest mouse pic from Maria, who examined her first PhD thesis a couple of weeks ago, in Estonia! She was in Tallin, home of efforts to save European mink. The mink were hard to photograph, so tragically we’ll just have to make so with this:


Emma’s last day at work

1 03 2018

We call Emma Mellor “Big Emma” because she’s so tall and leggy, and to distinguish her from “Little” Emma (Nip). But at 8 months pregnant she is re-earning the name, and looking fantastic with it. Here she is with on her last day in the office (OK admittedly actually this is really the Langford Inn pub). She lives over an hour from Bristol, and will be working at home from now on … just in case…

Totally brilliant to see her, as we have four projects on the go (with Mike Mendl and Innes Cuthill), one a paper on its way for re-submission, and she is always fun to talk work (an other stuff) with. Nice to meet her cute dog Hamish for the first time too.

Old Girls’ Reunion

1 03 2018

The Oxford reunion being nothing but a dim memory now, I organised another get-together last week while in the UK, but with time with new assistant profs Carole, Becky and Maria invited as well. We met at the St. Pancras Hotel for a very posh and near endless (4 hour long!) tea, and fabulous it was too (though we missed Hattie, who was ill).

Left to right: Sophie, Naomi, Becky, Ros, Maria, Suzanne, Charlie, me and Carole:

St P tea