Email of the week

17 09 2018

From Emma, proving herself fabulous once again:

Screenshot 2018-09-16 21.48.42


Why the week off? Because last week she beautifully defended her thesis, giving a great talk, and handling the questions (good ones from Lee and Renee) thoughtfully and with ease. (She made her corrections in record time too).

About 20 of us went out for lunch at Miidijaa that day as well, to celebrate: it was lovely. But somehow, we all forgot to take photos (my own excuse being that the start of semester had hit me like a small tsunami). All I have is the one below, just after the defence was over, where we both look a bit blurred and tired.

Luckily for me Emma’s staying in Guelph, and apparently raring to publish…


Congratulations to Jamie!

4 09 2018

At loooong last it can be made public: Jamie got the recent new animal welfare faculty position at Laval!  It was a secret ’til now so that he could surprise his family in Quebec. Mission accomplished last weekend (‘there was a lot of crying’ he says). Welcome home Jamie!!!! So very proud of you.



Emma’s big day: coming up fast!

4 09 2018

Semester starts again tomorrow …. and Emma’s defence is suddenly on Thursday!



Emma’s nearly done!

11 08 2018

From Emma yesterday, sending me Chapter 1 quickly to turn around before I take some holiday (in an email I soooo nearly deleted as spam!):

Screenshot 2018-08-11 09.36.53

And we are now good to go! Defence date: Sept 6th!

Screenshot 2018-08-11 09.34.52

Mason Lab dinner in Charlottetown

8 08 2018

The second night of the ISAE I took old and new lab members out to dinner, along with any partners who were around (including Michelle’s boyfriend Aaron, who by total coincidence was doing some research at UPEI and appeared just as we were heading off!).

Front L to Front R in the top image are: Aimee, Jamie, Mike, Gwen (Misha’s partner), Aaron (Michelle‘s partner), Misha, Robert (Aimee’s partner),  Miranda, Emma, Andrea, Maria, me and Becky.


One-handed typing skills

25 07 2018

… are rapidly being acquired by Emma as she edits the manuscript we’re writing with Miranda, Eve firmly in the one place where she really likes a good nap:


How many ways to be depressed?

17 07 2018

That point from Kate Harkness so intrigued Aileen that she worked it out by hand: 227! (Still to be checked using Wolfram Alpha though)