Yet more monkeys

12 01 2018

After spotting an error and as a consequence getting yet more data from California, Andrea can report that her final database contains a cool 5, 770 animals. Not bad eh?

Is this enough data for Andrea?

22 12 2017

The Excel data we need for Andrea’s PhD from the California National Primate Research Center arrived today. With info. from over 4000 monkeys, in over 136,000 rows, this should keep her quiet for a while…

Screenshot 2017-12-22 08.38.31

Congrats to me and Andrea!

15 12 2017

We won the UFAW ‘3 Rs’ award for her work with two National Primate Centers! (We got the letter a couple of weeks ago actually, but had to keep it quiet ’til UFAW created a press release.)

Email of the week

2 11 2017

From Lauren, as she does some forensic analyses of our ‘cat faces’ results (one result is odd, and we need to figure out why):

Screenshot 2017-11-01 23.04.14

Makes you feel so safe and protected, no?

Our new hens

3 10 2017

The second 48 of Misha‘s grand total of 96 hens arrived yesterday (Batch One of his final enrichment experiment being done with and adopted out in August). Young-looking pullets still, they were a bit nervous after their trip (though if they’re like the last lot they’ll settle down in just a few days).

And they weren’t the only ones who were a bit nervous: yesterday at 430 pm I got a panicky phonecall from the suppliers saying the birds were all packed up and ready for pick-up, and and who was coming?  Since Misha was away, this had me imagining sad, crowded birds waiting miserably in crates on some loading dock, and wondering if I could get to St. Jacob’s by 5 and whether they could all fit in the Prius. Luckily they had actually been picked up hours ago by the trusty Bishwo so all was well, but this definitely knocked a few hours off the end of my life.


And it’s Cone Time …

2 10 2017

Time to collect Fall’s special mouse enrichment: cones make excellent chewable, smelly, ladder-like structures for our enriched cages.



Surreal email of the week

14 09 2017

“I suggest you devise a new shaving plan”

(from me to Aimee, who accidentally got unblinded to the marking scheme for enriched versus non-enriched mice)