Grubby neurons?

4 11 2019

Some interesting research on sleep was published this month, one on its role in learning (, and one on its role in “cleaning” the brain (covered her by Scientific American: Teaching three courses this semester, I do feel my neurons are getting shabby and careworn..



Bad search terms

4 11 2019

I needed a video of begging swallow or swift nestlings for class (I’m covering sibling rivalry and parent-offspring conflict in part of my foraging lecture). But can I just recommend you never, ever EVER use this search combo?

Screenshot 2019-11-04 07.58.20Happily, adding the word “nest” made all the bad stuff go away.

It’s time for the BBC to pay women the same as men

28 10 2019

Screenshot 2019-10-28 14.47.36The wonderful Samira Ahmed, hit (I suspect) with the double whammy of being neither male nor white, is rightly protesting the way her pay is a fraction of that of her male counterparts. Go Samira!!!

Thanks to Maria and Andy for this great opinion piece too:

Be careful what you wish for!

28 10 2019

Last week I advertised an undergraduate project position (maybe two at a stretch) to my current ANSC*3090 course. I was expecting half a dozen responses, and was overwhelmed to get this amazing reaction:

Screenshot 2019-10-28 14.34.50


And a belated farewell to Agustina

27 10 2019

Late with this too as it happened in August! Agustina went back home to Argentina (and is much missed). But not until some of us had taken her out in a canoe on the Speed River (she’s in blue, below, with me, Andrea and Aimee); and also fed her a weird Canadian drink called a Caesar (rapidly replaced by a much nicer gin and tonic).

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What happens when your class is taught by other people

23 10 2019

I keep finding intriguing new and occasionally surreal things in the Powerpoint files I got back from Teresa Casey-Trott and Meagan King (who taught ANSC*4090 for me last year).

Today’s gem:

Screenshot 2019-10-23 10.04.14




And looking ahead…

21 10 2019


(From the irrepressable Doug Wey, clearly determined to torture me).