Non-sequitur of the week II: and the runner up is…

21 06 2017

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Non-sequitur of the week

21 06 2017

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Baby racoons and extreme stupidity

2 06 2017

A family of racoons has been living in the barn, so the university decided to get their pest control guy in. Being a “humane” trapper, he caught the mother and released her elsewhere. Being a moron (or at least given moronic instructions), he left the five babies.

No-one quite knows what to do now. They were left cat food last night, but are they even fully weaned? And do we want to feed 5 raccoons in a barn that we don’t actually want them to associate with food? The whole thing is cruel and incredibly stupid.


British Threat Levels

29 05 2017


Mink farm protests this weekend

29 05 2017

This weekend saw anti-fur protests in Ontario, at various farms and the auction house. Luckily no apparent news since the below, so I’m hoping that means no mink releases.

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Neuroscience Day

9 05 2017

I alway enjoy Neuroscience Day (nice format, the pleasant Arboretum atmosphere, on tap food and caffeine …), and these days seeing how my colleagues’ work has progressed over the years is part of it (Who’s starting up a new lab in earnest? And of the established researchers, who works by drilling down deeper and deeper into a single phenemenon? Who instead is always moving in new directions?).

FullSizeRender-7The plenary by Gail Johnson was too molecular for me (and a section on inducing strokes in mice contained the terrible line “Strokes just don’t seem to affect them. Mice don’t really need their brains” — to laughter, appallingly, from the audience — bringing back memories of the cat talk from two years ago).  But still, overall it was a good day: the speaker’s vivid account of the highs and lows of a 20+ year research programme, and all the many people involved (one being our very own Craig Bailey), was warm, generous and a nice illustration of the way science so often works; many of the students gave great talks; and Lindsey presented a good poster, and nobly looked after Maria’s too.

My amazing research!

9 05 2017

They’re SO nice that I will send them not only all my future papers, but also quite a lot of money, too.

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