And yay again!

16 05 2019

Maria gets our mink brains resubmission in!

Screenshot 2019-05-16 12.16.30

Yay: Emma’s first MSc paper!

15 05 2019

Fw: Applan-D-19-25R1 Decision

Optimistic response

12 05 2019

Heart-warming find for my collection from Jamie:

Jamie email jpeg


Oh ha bloody ha

16 04 2019

From the ever-funny Doug Wey (I did laugh honest Doug, but with some strange sort of crying mixed in).


Spotted on ‘Shit Academics Say’ this week.

15 04 2019

56940357_1762521397180633_5924418273956331520_nGenius! (I would get this printed on a T shirt if it wouldn’t look strange on a pair of boobs.)

Becca Frank’s visit

10 04 2019

Dr. Becca Franks came to give the last CSAW seminar of the semester a couple of weeks ago (the series which started with Megan LaFollette, and later included Cass Tucker and Charlotte Winder). It was a really fun visit. First off we drove into the countrybecca_franksside to meet Rich Moccia at the Alma Aquaculture Station; then, with just enough time for her to warm up, she gave her seminar: a unusual combination of scholarly insights into the welfare importance of positive affect, and compelling videos of fish doing what really does seem to be play.

In the evening my lab took her out to Baker Street for a drink (Gwen and Misha bringing their baby, making this Oakland’s first pub outing), followed by vegan food at Cadence. The next day Michelle and Matt Cornish showed her round Hagen Aqualab; and then we met for a quick coffee, and it was back to New York for Becca! I hoping her and Michelle get more time together in Norway for the ISAE.

RTI success!

9 04 2019

SR-LABMy RTI grant got funded! All $42K!! (Turns out NSERC had 158 applications from all across the country, funded 35, and I was… 32nd: PHEW).

It’ll be shared with Elena Choleris, Craig Bailey and Boyer Winters, and gives us the ability to assess both acoustic and tactile startle responses, along with prepulse inhibition.

This in turn means that if anyone wants to test Emma Nip’s creative hypotheses about enrichment and protection from deafness in mice, they now can; should be a much nicer apparatus to put mice in than my old set-up; and also hopefully means no-one will ever have to experience the repeated stress that she did from dealing with failing equipment.