And online message of the week

24 03 2020

Screenshot 2020-03-24 14.33.44

Crazy idea conjured up during our 100% Webex lab meeting today … but as we all get cabin fever it may start appealing!

Text of the week

24 03 2020

From my friend Andrea, being reassuring about one of my current bizarre but interesting stress symptoms (barely salivating for over a week):

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 11.26.26 AM

My sympathetic system certainly is impressive!

World’s luckiest mice

24 03 2020

A few weeks ago we had to rehome some mice because one jumped to the floor in a part of the CAF we weren’t totally sure was clean. But man, did these mice luck out: Clara, who took them in, has a person-sized mouse aviary for them full of nests, toys and ladders. If word had got out before our lab closed down for Covid, I think all our mice would have been leaping to the ground in hopes of getting as lucky!

But now of course, we’re looking for homes rather more urgently, as sooner or later we’re going to get asked to kill all but the most essential animals, I just know it.


24 03 2020

Screenshot 2020-03-24 10.19.19

Place you bought Jeans from six months ago wants you to know they’re doing everything they can to combat Covid-19



Email of the week

19 03 2020

As labs wind down, experiments wrap up, and “non-essential” animals are killed in research facilities all over the world, this email from Melissa Bateson was a ray of sunshine:

The one nice thing this morning is that we released a few starlings that were wild caught. We found a little flock of wild birds in a bush on the coast. We let ours out of the bags nearby and they few straight into the flock and integrated with them. They had been in the lab for a year.


Spam invite of the year

17 03 2020

Because going to China’s such a great lure right now…

Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 9.24.03 AM


Birds of prey make my day

26 02 2020

I had a great visit to Wild Ontario last week, to see how this raptor rescue facility could be used in teaching.  The sheer shock of joy I got from seeing these birds up close surprised me! Here’s an American kestrel, calmly waiting for his next snack. (Apparently all the birds are too well fed to be/show “yarak”)